Winter white boucle. Mohair boucle. Heavy or lightweight.

Black brushed lightweight mohair.
Soft and cuddly.

Off white mohair shawl. Lightweight.

Deep sky blue chenille. Very soft, very cuddly. Heavyweight.

Dramatic eyelash fiber blended with mohair & rayon.

Burgundy acrylic available in many colors. Shiny and luxurious looking.

Navy blue lamb's wool acrylic blended together. Heavyweight.

Red and black tweed lamb's wool/acrylic blend. Very striking.

Cherry red brushed mohair. Striking with a black dress.

Soft and fluffy acrylic. $65 & up depending on choice of fiber. Kids love them! Call for info.

Rainbow dyed, brushed kid mohair/wool with elegant ribbon. Very lightweight.

Camel colored brushed mohair shawl. Looks great with jeans.

Raspberry, Mohair, Wool, and Ribbon

Blue Lamb's Wool Acrylic Blend

Black and Silver Ribbon Capelet

Multi Colored Ribbon Capelet

Winter White Chenille With Eyelash Lace

Burnt Orange Mohair With Tiki Ribbon

Brown Plaid Mohair Hipster

Sage and Peach Capelet

Off White Acrylic

Carnival Chenille Mix Capelet

Blue Shag Capelet

Hot Pink Chenille Mix Capelet